Between Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park near the Windwhisper bed and breakfast are three slot canyons.

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Slot Canyons Between Zion and Bryce
Near Windwhisper bb
Just twenty minutes from Zion National Park on your way to Bryce Canyon in the mountains in back of the Windwhisper bb, are some of the most amazing slot canyons in Southern Utah.
Slot Canyons are different from big canyons like Zion Canyon in that they are personal, private, haunting and very narrow.  The sandstone layers are in your face and you can look up hundreds of feet at the colorful strata. Powerful streams of water have swirled and twisted their way through the rock carving sculptures that only Mother Nature could make. They are isolated and few people have seen them.
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These are pictures are of our little group of old duffers trying to assend a magnificent East Zion slot canyon near our Windwhisper B&B.  This slot canyon begins with a small water crossing.

 Looking straight up over 100 feet, we were amazed at the colorful sandstone and the power of the water that created it.  Our little group continues upward.

Our cousins from the East have their own way of climbing.  They like to go spread eagle so they don't get their feet wet.  Don't forget your rope or you will have to use your shirt to pull your wife up.

Success at last, over four hours.  Cousin from the East is happy to be out and I'm too tired to get out.  A four wheel drive is needed to get to some of the East Zion slot canyons.
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