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On Scenic Highway 89

  • Our Zion National Park Cabins are located between Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks and are offered as vacation rentals. The mountain beauty will take your breath away. We offer two cabins, the Windwhisper Cabin and the Dreamcatcher Cabin.
  • Why pack and unpack!  From our location, you unpack once and see all the Canyons saving travel time and money.
  • Outside,  you can relax and watch the hummingbirds, and sit by our pristine trout stream.
  • Our cabins are perfectly located between Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park .
  • The Grand Canyon is 99 miles to the south through Kanab, Utah.  The drive to the Grand Canyon is an experience in itself.  You pass red rock sculptures and high mountain forest.  It is about two hours  and is an enjoyable part of the trip.
  • The East entrance of Zion National Park is 22 miles from either the Windwhisper and Dreamcatcher cabins.
  • Bryce Canyon is 45 miles from either cabin.  Once again, the drive on scenic highway 89 is gorgeous.  You will want to stop at Red Canyon which is on the way to Bryce.  The sculptured rocks in Red canyon are as amazing as the Hoodoo's in Bryce. 
  • There is a quaint village (Glendale) 2 miles down the from the cabins.
  •  Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is twenty miles south on highway 89.
  • The Buffalo Bistro in Glendale is an outstanding restaurant.  It's simply delicious.  The best food in East Zion or Southern Utah for that matter.  Just two minutes from the Windwhisper and Dreamcatcher Cabins.  Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • The Slot Canyons in our area are an undiscovered treat and truly a wonder. Very few people know about them. They are located near the  in East Zion.
  • Windwhisper and Dreamcatcher cabins  offer free Wii, high definition tv, HBO, SHOhd and others.
  • We previously served breakfast but are no longer doing so.  Our testimonials were excellent in the past  and will continue in the future.

Windwhisper Cabin and Dreamcatcher Cabins

~ Between Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park ~

Terry and Audrey Behling
Box 127
Glendale, Utah 84729

E-mail windwhisper@color-country.net

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